Strawberry Heaven

Strawberries are back in season and we are seriously loving the classic British Sonata variety strawberry; delicious, sweet and ripe and ready to eat with oodles of clotted cream!

Why not try a jar of our British Strawberry Jam made with British Sonata strawberries. Available in our large 320g jar and now in a cute, smaller 113g sized jar: the perfect jar to go alongside a traditional cream tea platter or to take with you for a picnic.

Our NEW 113g jar contains 3-4 generous portions of our Great Taste 2021 award -winning, high quality British Strawberry Jam. Order now from our online shop (minimum order 2 jars 113g size, packed as 1 jar in a box of 6 large jars. Alternatively order 12 small 113g jars instead of 6 large jars). Any questions, do contact us at