Beer and Cider

Exeter Brewery

We source all our ale from Exeter Brewery at Cowley Bridge in Exeter, Devon. First started as a micro-brewery in 2003 on Exminster Marshes, Exeter Brewery still uses traditional methods today with locally-sourced hops, malt and barley sugar, to brew some of the region’s best beers.

Exeter Brewery’s classic ‘Ferryman’ ale is a beautiful bitter with a well-balanced flavour, enhanced by the generous handfuls of English Goldings hops that goes into it. This lovely ale is the perfect, local ingredient to use in our traditional Real Ale Chutney as its delicious flavour is the perfect accompaniment to the chunky vegetables, raisins and dates.

Paul Hunter of Hunters brewery

Palmershayes Cider

Palmershayes Farm has been supplying us with their authentic ‘Devon Scrumpy Cider’ for our British Bramley Apple and Cider Chutney for over 20 years. The cider is traditionally made on the farm as it has been for over one hundred years.