Gold Award Winner!

Our British Strawberry Jam has won a Taste of the West Gold Award 2024!
This year the Taste of the West received the highest number of entries ever, yet the judges picked out our Strawberry Jam as a worthy Gold Award winner. In fact it scored so highly that it has been selected to go through to the next round of judging for “best in class – Sweet Preserves”. We are delighted and so proud to have made such a great product. Our aim is always to make THE BEST Strawberry Jam.

We take great care in making our Strawberry Jam. We only submit products to Awards that we have made ourselves using the exact same equipment, method and techniques that we use to produce all of our jam for our lovely customers. We use our 40 years of jam-making experience along with selecting the right Strawberries from the UK to give the best flavour and texture to the jam. We carefully adjust the consistency to make the jam soft and spreadable and full of strawberries, so that it looks great and tastes fantastic.

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