Irresistible Chilli Relishes

Get ready to ignite your taste buds with our sensational new line of Highfield Chilli Relishes, designed to add a fiery touch to your summer barbecues and tantalize your cheese toasties! We are thrilled to unveil three enticing relishes tailored for chilli-lovers like you: the delectably mild and sweet Amarillo Chilli Relish, the irresistibly hot Jalapeno Relish, and the fiercely spicy Scotch Bonnet Chilli Relish.

Indulge in the Amarillo Chilli Relish, boasting a delightful jam-like consistency that effortlessly combines a touch of sweetness with a subtle, warming heat. Its vibrant yellow-orange hue is sure to brighten up your plate. For those seeking an extra punch, our green Jalapeno chilli and red Scotch Bonnet chilli relishes serve as the perfect accompaniments to burgers, delivering a harmonious blend of sweet heat and a genuine chilli kick. Debates around the barbecue have been ignited as we ponder over our favourite relish. While the competition is tight, the Jalapeno Relish emerges as a clear front-runner, striking a delightful balance between heat and sweet spiciness. However, fear not if you’re not a fan of intense heat—our sweet Amarillo offers a milder alternative, while the Scotch Bonnet relish promises an unforgettable, fiery experience for those craving a serious chilli kick. With our extensive range, there’s a relish for every palate.

Why wait? Elevate your barbecue table by buying our relishes today and embark on your own mouth-watering journey to discover your personal favourite. You wont be disappointed! Simply click on the link below, place your order, and within two working days, we’ll deliver these culinary gems right to your doorstep.

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